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Dean Mousad

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Dean has extensive experience in the realm of counselling specialising in addictions, predominately visual addictions like pornography, internet use, gaming, and gambling. He is the Managing Director of a Not-for-Profit organisation, Brothers In Need, where grass roots work amongst the youth, vulnerable people, and the homeless community are the driving force of their services.He is also the founder and CEO of Invictus Solutions, providing the strategies required for individuals to overcome life’s challenges through counselling, mentoring, consulting, and facilitating workshops.Life’s not always good to us, but we can always make something good out of life – and sometimes all we need to achieve that is a little extra guidance.It is my mission to help you discover and fulfil your true potential. If you feel that you are lacking progress in life, losing hope in the future, or losing touch with yourself, then it may be time to consult a professional.My name is Dean.Having successfully renounced my own harmful ways of living, I use my experiences to relate to my clients in ways that are understandable. I actively run and am involved in a number of successful NFP organisations, including charities and youth services.Every day, I inspire to change those around me in hope that they may one day do the same.


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