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Deb Hannaford

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Deb loves being with people. All kinds of people! Making a difference matters and knowing how to do that well, matters even more. Graduate studies abroad in cultural anthropology and her curiosity about how humans really “tick” led her to study clinical psychology.  As a licensed outpatient clinician Deb worked in community mental health clinics in Los Angeles working with marginalized people groups and vulnerable families.She became certified in many evidence-based models of therapy helping clients and their families whose lives were impacted by complex trauma, cycles of violence, depression, anxiety, and debilitating grief. These people and the years of meaningful work in this field dug a deep “well” in her heart and led to further clinical training.Deb returned home to Australia to focus her passion and training in attachment science and healthy human development with her expertise in a “Gold Standard” empirically validated model of psychotherapy for couples, families, and individuals.Trained and mentored by world-leaders in the practice of Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples, Deb uses a clear “road map” to craft the kind of corrective interpersonal experiences, which research shows can change the clients' world in a lasting way.Neuroscience tells us that humans are social bonding creatures. Chronic distress in relationships causes pain, anxiety, depression, and compromised health.Deb comes alongside clients of all ages to create a safe space where being seen, secure, and soothed promotes healing, resilience, and wellness. She will help you get to the heart of the matter, to understand who you are, why things have gone wrong, and how to reshape negative patterns of interaction – to become who you want to be in your most important relationships.Lecturing in the social sciences, public speaking, research, writing, and spiritual discourse are among some of Deb's interests. 



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