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Debbie Swibel

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Debbie is a practising clinical psychotherapist, specialising in crisis counselling. Debbie is a psychotherapist, a criminologist, a suicidologist and an educator.Debbie helps clients with a variety of issues by exploring the impact of challenging and painful events and working towards managing crises and improving life experiences. She works from a person centred and client focused framework with an understanding that the client is the expert in their own life. Her professional approach is one of support and empowerment. Debbie’s focus is developing self-awareness and enhancing personal recognition with the aim of improving mental health and improving wellbeing.Debbie’s area of expertise lies in suicide prevention and she works with people considering suicide or those who live with suicide ideation and also works with families and loved ones who have been affected by suicide.She has a depth of practical clinical experience in working with clients in both short and long-term therapy.



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