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Deborah Wullschleger

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Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Burnout and Trauma related symptoms can be resolved. If you are struggling with any of these… Contact me and I will be able to help you through this.The word 'KAIROS' means > Right Time, Opportunity, New Season. You are in the right place… it is your time to get well and heal what needs healing. I am located in the MyHealth medical clinic in Wellington Point and also do many of my sessions on zoom, serving clients all over the world. Our speciality is Trauma Counselling for anyone who suffers with anxiety, depression, sexual/ physical or emotional abuse, work related stress/bullying, PTSD related symptoms (chronic pain) and Grief. We offer our services to clients over 18 years of age.Our Counselling Space offers a safe, non-judgmental and inclusive environment, which will allow you to be heard, seen and understood.While I am honoured to be able to walk alongside your personal journey, it is my goal to facilitate healing, new and different thoughts about yourself. Growth, learning and overall wellbeing are my main focus.I use a unique Therapy style – The TRTP Process – which allows anxiety, stress, PTSD related symptoms to be resolved and safely put in the past. Learn more about TRTP on my Website: I am looking forward to welcome you at Kairos and to work with you.


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