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Masters in Therapuetic Counselling, 30 years of private practice , specialized in trauma, I love the challenge of working with the layers of complexed cases utilising evidence based psychology with philosophy, symbols, metaphors, rituals and somatic , psychodrama interventions.As a therapist, I offer a unique and innovative approach to the therapeutic journey of healing after trauma. I believe in exploring uncharted territory and venturing beyond traditional paths, providing my clients with new choices, different perspectives, and embodied practices that encompass metaphors, symbols, and rituals. By combining evidence-based models with holistic, Eastern, spiritual, and mindful practices, my approach aims to cultivate a more empowered and whole person outcome."I have an extensive professional background spanning over three decades, I am a highly experienced Clinical Counsellor, Psychotherapist,Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author of the book "You Are as Sick as Your Secrets: Trauma Understands Trauma" and creator of TraumaCode: Symbols, Metaphors and Rituals, a 96 card/booklet system toward personal development with an emphasis on complexed trauma and cluster B abuse recovery. As a Supervisor I'm excited to work with other therapists at all levels sharing insights and strategies for trauma focused interventions, enhancing your skills, confidence and goals . Supervision , like therapy is a relationship, therefore I request a 1:1 session before we commit to ensure we mutually fit the vision of our best outcomes.Throughout my career, I have worked in Private Practice and held the esteemed position of Head Therapist at two prominent dual diagnostic retreat Centers. I treat the whole person  as a unique individual system with multiple Parts.I work with deep subconscious and Somatic (body) blocks or resistance .I use current evidence based Psychological treatments and have integrated them into my own unique Therapeutic System. CBT, ACT, DBT, NLP, Metaphor, Part's Therapy, EMDR, Hypnosis, Modern Buddhism, Psychodrama Narrative, Therapy Somatic, Body Work, NLP, Breath Work,Mindfulness, Rituals & Symbolism.* Trauma * Narcissistic Abuse Recovery * Domestic Abuse * Stress * Anxiety * Childhood Abuse issues * PTSD * Resilency * Addictions * Weight Loss * Stop Smoking * and just life's build up of "ingested" STUFF  My services offered at a glance are :Online sessions globally Face to Face  Workshops, Seminars , public speaking    DEIRDRE ROLFE M.T.C. 0412106496 text me a"Don't take the opinion of someone who isn't even brave enough to step into the arena."                                                                                                                 Brene Brown  




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