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Diane Viola

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Diane Viola has been in private practice since 1998 as a Relationship & Family Counsellor, working with individuals, couples, families, young people and groups and is a Master Systemic Family & Business Constellations Facilitator. Moving from Sydney to the Gold Coast in 2002 and now living in the Riverina Region of NSW on Wiradjuri Country, Diane serves her clients worldwide online via Zoom.As an Intuitive and Holistic Counsellor, Diane's mission is 'facilitating positive relationships toward peace and harmony in family life'.Diane employs a range of modalities in her practice, including Gestalt, Mindfulness, NLP, Body-Centred Psychotherapy and Non-Violent Communication. She is most passionate about Systemic Family Constellations for its ability to profoundly shift the foundations of people's lives and contribute toward positive change and healing that extends throughout the family line. More recently she has introduced Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) into her practice, a light trance-state process to complement Constellations, with powerful results. Find out more here a background in Education & Training, Diane began as a Teacher in Primary & Special Education and has worked in the Personal Growth Field since 1993, training parents, teachers, health professionals and middle management.Diane also wrote peer-led Personal Development and Anti-Bullying Programs for the Peer Support Foundation & Department of School Education NSW, which were recognised for their contribution toward anti-violence and suicide prevention. She is an avid writer and enjoys the opportunity for Public Speaking. In November 2018 she published her first book 'Travels with Buster – A Journey of Unconditional Love' for parents, partners and the Cycle of Life, which can be purchased on her website at




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