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Dimitrios Papalexis

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Dimitrios is a critical incident counsellor, community builder, consultant, and artist with many years of experience in mental health, disability, community development, and arts. He is an advanced Psychodrama trainee in the Sydney campus and the president of the NSW/ACT Regional AANZPA Committee Dimitrios is the founder of Soulgen, , a social enterprise in Australia that partners with local government,  NGOs, schools and universities to enable healthy, connected, and empowered communities and has been awarded a Do it Differently Award from Bayside Council and SESHLD for his innovative project “Everyone has a Story”. Dimitrios has also won the NSW 2019 Youth Worker of the Year Award and the Score More Foundation’s 2020 “Cause for Applause” appreciation award for citizens who are making a difference in their community during COVID-19. His passion lies in blending creative, community and healing arts for individual and social change and impact. 


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