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Emanuela Girotto

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I am a Transpersonal Counsellor and Somatic Experiencing Therapist that specialises in assisting women on their quest for wholeness. Transpersonal counseling recognises the person’s innate capacity to self-realise and heal. It combines eastern and western philosophy and thus recognises the centrality of body/mind/brain, and consciousness/nature/energy in the human experience. The sessions will help you • Facilitate healthy life-long changes • Strengthen self-worth and self-confidence • Become more intuitive and creative • Reconnect with your true self • Discover value, meaning and purpose in life • Get in touch with your whole being: body, mind, feelings and personal energy • Understand and harness your inner power as a woman in society • Find inner freedom • Build a strong foundation for healthy relationships Your opportunity is to make meaning of your experiences, regain an authentic direction, and experience fulfilment in life. For appointment and enquiries: 0452 531 963


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