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Emma Clare Ward

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I offer traditional room based sessions as well as Equine Assisted Counselling. EAC is a professional and experiential approach to counselling, psychotherapy and MH, that supports clients in addressing therapeutic goals (emotional, cognitive, behavioural, relationship and MH conditions) with horses as co facilitators. Clients are offered safe experiences with Horses for the purpose of exploring self-experience in relationship, building self-awareness of habits that are no longer serving them. Developing social skills, inclusive of Confidence building,Stress regulation in Nature,meaningful Connection,Mindfulness and problem solvingHorses have a way of standing alongside and helping us really see and be with who we are. By offering various experiences with the horses, a new way of looking at life and its many challenges opens up. Life becomes clearer. New opportunities arrive from previously unimagined sources. Something starts to lift, feel good, lighter and a new confidence emerges.If you want to see your life and relationships become something that brings you joy, I am ready to support the unique you. Room based or Equine experiences or both, this is your time to ‘light up your way’ based on who you are, your values and feel good about it too. Change starts here …. Contact me by Phone or through the contact form on my website.



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