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Erica Lambert

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Erica’s experience includes counselling, cultural supervision, consulting and training her practices are informed by decolonising, anti-oppression, dignity, social justice, an ethic of transparency and accountability, culturally informed as an indigenous person to those she is engaged with.Values that encompass her cultural ethnicity, are guided by the following:Inclusiveness and connectedness promoting collectiveness and teamwork.Providing support and helping each other.Self-governance providing information to support informed choices.Treating every living thing with respect.Erica’s practices, identity, culture, work and life experiences have shaped the counselling and supervision she provides. The counselling approach Erica focuses not only on the presenting problems but also on the often hidden and new pathways where answers can be found, and problems solved.Erica works alongside individuals, families and communities as a counsellor informed by the stories of these communities and committed to cultural transformative practices that elevate their voices to be heard.Masters in Narrative Therapy and Community work, 15 year’s experience working across the community services sector.        



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