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Hi, my name is Eva Filinis and I am the founder of Back to Life-Counselling and Coaching. I hold a Bachelor degree in Counselling, as well as other supporting qualifications.My journey towards becoming a counsellor began over a decade ago with a series of events that led to my life, as I knew it, falling apart. For the first time I got to experience feeling “stuck”, “lost”, “broken” and being a Counselling Client. This began my process of rediscovering and rebuilding myself, a path leading me to become a Counselling Practitioner and pursuing my passion for helping others.In saying all this, counselling and coaching isn’t just a job for me, it is a way of life. I firmly believe that to be an effective Counsellor and Life Coach one must “practice what they preach”. So, as I work with my clients to help them fulfil their potential and achieve positive outcomes, I also work on improving myself.Ongoing personal and professional development is important to me. I stay up to date with the latest research in my field and continue to take life’s lessons on board, learning and overcoming challenges as I move towards being a better person and practitioner. This ensures that I consistently stay “on top of my game”, which means I can deliver a high standard of service to you!


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