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Feifei Yang

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I have been in contact with psychology for 18 years.She has systematically studied family therapy, short-term focus therapy and group therapy at Beijing Normal University, and psychodynamic theories and techniques during her training at CAPA (China-America Psychodynamic Alliance). So far, I have received more than hundreds of hours of personal analysis and individual supervision.I am curious about the state of individuals at different stages and love the warm connection with people.I have worked as a psychological observer for the toddler to teenager, a volunteer at a senior rehabilitation center; I have done counseling at EAP, college counseling cneter at different colleges and universities in Beijing.During my encounters with people of different ages and states of life, I have been inspired by the power of human growth. Whether it is theoretical learning or touching different kinds of life in different situations, I am filled with the desire to explore a person’s story, unconscious, dreams, ego, emotions, relationship patterns, and so on. If I am fortunate enough to meet you in counseling space, I will listen to your story warmly and powerfully, exploring and integrating your inner world with you. In the process, I work with you to face the painful parts, and together we create a space where you can be yourself, free and relaxed, find the strength in your life, and see the light and hope for the future.


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