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Felicitas Hilz

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Hello, I am Felicitas, a compassionate counsellor based in Joondalup, and the founder of Bloom and Balance, a counselling practice dedicated to offering personalized and empathetic support. My diverse professional experiences, coupled with my university education, have all been stepping stones leading to the creation of my private practice. Here, I blend my extensive experience with a personal touch, offering a safe and nurturing space for individuals navigating lifes challenges. I specialize in addressing issues related to drug and alcohol use, mental health struggles and the complexities of every-day life. My approach is grounded in understanding and empathy, recognizing the unique journey of each individual. I believe in building a connection that goes beyond traditional counselling, offering a partnership in your journey towards healing and self-discovery.In our sessions, you will find a blend of expert guidance and a friendly, understanding ear. Whether you are dealing with personal struggles, seeking direction or simply need someone to talk to.If you would like to book a session please call me or contact me through my website. I offer appointments upon request.



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