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Garry Gilfoy

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Life can get pretty tricky at times and we can feel anxious, depressed, lost. We might look for a quick fix but often it's about finding a right relationship with ourself. From time to time we lose touch with who we are and where we’re at. We get stuck.These feelings aren’t a bad thing if we use them as a trigger for growth. When we connect to our inner world on deeper levels, we begin to know a new richness as we start to approach life from the inside out. The rest will usually fall into place.As a counsellor and trainer of counsellors since 2001, I've learned a great deal from the fears and tears and joys and courage of others as well as from my own journey. I’m good at opening conversations and sensing where they need to go while remaining awake to your inner world. Our time together is free of judgement and full of discovery.My studio in the Adelaide Hills is a space where you can find some clarity, courage and confidence and begin to shape your world in a way that draws out your best self. 


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