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George Nelson

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George is a qualified psychotherapist, coach, clinical counsellor, relationship therapist, educator, speech therapist, voice production and training consultant. George has worked in a range of public sector roles in addition to an independent practice as a clinician, senior executive, manager, supervisor and training consultant. As a therapist and educator George has worked with children, teenagers and adults to help them with communication, speech, voice production and dramatic expression for presentation, (certain clients include news-presenters, actors, reporters and radio announcers). Working with individuals, couples and adolescents, George has developed a specialisation for relationship/couples counselling, family therapy as well as Men’s Health (for men, their partners and families). George also provides individual professional coaching, staff advocacy, mentoring and debriefing and utilises cognitive mindfulness based strategies to empower and facilitate rapid personal, professional and organisational change. George works with individuals and organisations specialising in mental health, wellbeing and happiness. As such, he has also developed unique training packages for leadership development, developmental delay, team building, stress management, conflict resolution, ideation, creativity and managing change.George’s personal style is warm, engaging and passionate and builds upon his significant academic qualifications in counselling, coaching and education. George is acknowledged in the therapeutic field as a lead clinician and trainer in solution focussed and competency based approaches, and integrates these ideas into his everyday world to help build and maintain work and life balance.  


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