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Glenda Clementson

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As an experienced Counsellor and Psychotherapist, I take an eclectic approach using multiple therapies including Focusing Therapy's process of listening to your body in a gentle, accepting way. It is a process of what is real and happening at a deeper level than what we might be aware of, hearing the messages your inner self is sending you. Focusing creates awareness to your body’s way of telling you what’s needed in your life situations, getting a 'felt sense' of the best next life forward movement. I am very interested in addictions and obsessional behaviours, working with clients towards embracing their hopes, dreams, passions, discovering possibilities, choices, fulfillment and empowerment towards finding new meanings in their lives. I provide support, coaching and mentoring with a range of issues and concerns towards experiencing a life free from addictive behaviours, anxiety and/or depression. "It stuck me as odd that it had taken me so long to reach a felling of sureness that there was something in me that would get on with the job of living without my continual tampering. I suppose I did not reach it until I had discovered how to sink down beneath the level of chattering thoughts and simply feel what it meant to be alive" Marion Milner, A Life on One's Own. Contact me via phone, Skype or Google+. Private rooms located in Toukley, Central Coast, NSW



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