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Hamoutal Silverstein

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A degree qualified Counsellor and Coach, my passion is to develop a customized framework for building sustainable change and impact on the lives of others. I bring over 20 years of combined experience and qualifications in counselling, psychotherapy, coaching, business, and education.For many years, while working with children and adults, I have noticed how people who face daily hardships long for harmony. I am a great believer that self-exploration is the key to clarity and better relationships with self and significant others. In my work, I incorporate, empathy, curiosity, and respect for people’s life stories, self-perception, and life circumstances. I offer a person-centered, respectful, and non-judgmental approach where the client can safely use the time and space to explore their emotions, thoughts patterns, and their needs. I integrate modalities such as ACT, CBT, and EFT to tailor a specific journey according to my client’s requirements.Confidentiality and following the ethical code of conduct are crucial for me.


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