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Hannah Faveere

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I have been a counsellor since 2002, working in organisations a well as in private practice. For a number of years my practice was mainly online based because we were overseas expats. During that time I had regular face-to-face sessions with clients in Australia via skype. Online sessions are very effective and can be of particular benefit to people who live in rural areas who don't have easy access to counselling services. In addition to seeing clients in person at my home in the western suburbs of Brisbane, I still provide quality service online. Please feel free to contact me for a session via email or on my mobile.I have a Masters in Applied Social Science (Counselling)  I have a degree in Psychology, but did extensive training in counselling in order to be effective in helping people work through life’s difficulties, crises, grief, traumas, relationships, and everyday stresses. My special interest and experience is in Loss and Grief. Furthermore, I have a sound knowledge of a range of therapeutic theories and approaches, including Psychodynamic therapy, Existential therapy, Solution-focused therapy, Transactional Analysis, and Cognitive-Behaviour therapy. Although I believe that childhood and past experiences have a significant impact on the psychological well-being of a person, I align my therapeutic approach with the main goals of existential therapy. These goals are focused on enabling and assisting clients to reflect on their lives, values and beliefs. I help clients to work through the influences of the past, investigate the present and explore the future in order to widen the perspective of themselves and the world they live in. My hope for clients is to gain a real understanding of themselves, grasp their freedom to choose and realise the meaning and purpose of their life. I work creatively with clients on this journey. Furthermore, I recognise that no individual exists in isolation and that relationships as well as patterns of behavior and communication contribute to daily life. I look forward to work with each and very client and care deeply about each individual.




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