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Haritha Jonnalagadda

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Haritha is a Somatic Psychotherapist trained in Trauma Therapy, Somatic Movement & Functional Movement. Haritha works with adults wanting to recover from developmental/complex trauma, relational trauma and pain. She understands the role of the nervous system in trauma recovery and supports her clients to find safety & embodiment in their body & regulate their nervous system.Haritha practices from trauma & attachment therapy, body based, sensorimotor and somatic therapy frameworks, grounded in the neurobiology of trauma & stress as well as polyvagal theory.Using a blend of trauma-informed therapies as well as body and movement-based modalities, she works with clients experiencing:Developmental and Attachment Trauma/Complex TraumaTrauma related dissociationDepression & AnxietyChronic Stress & Chronic PainEmotional & Somatic PainsJoint/Muscular Pains & Post Injury or Surgery relatedRepetitive InjuriesChronic Health ConditionsPoor relationship with movement & bodyPostural Issues & PainFunctional Movement restrictions.

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