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Henry Meghaizel

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Henry holds a doctorate in Philosophy, Diploma of Counselling, Research in Positive Psychology and Well-Being (Positive Psychology Practitioner), Conflict Resolution and Mediation Training, Director of Practical Wisdom Consulting B.Mus, B.Ed, M.A. Philosophy. B.A. Philosophy and Lit.Henry has been working as a counsellor for over 10 years and has a rich experience in helping others through life’s difficulties. As a counsellor, coach/mentor and practitioner, Henry has worked within the community and private sector. Henry’s awareness of his skill in guiding others reach their potential led him to develop own practice, where he helps a wide range of people.Henry’s PhD in Philosophy has given him unique expertise in the field of practical philosophy. This includes philosophical counselling, life coaching, and helping clients who are struggling with life and its meaning.Henry supports clients who experience depression, anxiety, past trauma and grief and loss. Henry brings to his clients a compassionate, practical and existential approach. He believes that there is always a pathway for clients to resolve their concerns and personal problems. Henry encourages clients to focus on setting goals and discovering their strengths so they can work toward positive change and personal development. Henry draws upon Positive Psychology, Philosophical Counselling, Generalised Counselling and Personal Development. Henry believes that everybody is special and sometimes only needs a little encouragement to discover their true potential. Henry is highly motivated to assist his clients flourishing, overcome their barriers and step into their strengths. 



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