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Holly Missio-Spiteri

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Hello,My name is Holly and I have completed a Masters of Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy (Jansen Newman Institute). My style is relaxed, warm and curious and my approach is humanistic, wholistic and integrative. I am interested in how our mental wellbeing is affected by stressful events and difficult relationships throughout the lifespan. When these difficulties remain unexplored, we can disconnect from parts of ourselves (our emotions, body sensations, intuition and longings). We can then start to live life ‘on the surface’ and can be left feeling numb, agitated, stuck and detached from ourselves, others and our life. Through seeing our habitual ways of being and understanding the path we have trodden, we can then sense the possibility of new richer, fluid ways of being that are responsive to our circumstances.I am committed to my own inner work process and I engage in regular supervision.For more information about me and the counselling process, or to book an appointment, please visit You can also email or call me on 0466 142 126 for a 15 minute introductory chat.


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