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Irene Ferri

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I am a bilingual counsellor and I offer support in English and Italian.I have experience in working with adults across the lifespan including youths and teenagers.I am a Humanistic and relational counsellor and my focus is to meet the individual needs of each unique clients. I work to form strong collaborative bonds with clients and trying to understand the influence of their past experiences and relationships with others and when possible to resolve these through positive interactions. I draw from different approaches like psychodynamic, somatic therapy, IFS (Internal family system), creative work and solution-focused approach. I work holistically which means that I take into consideration the whole aspects of the client’s life: emotional, physical, social and spiritual.I have experience in supporting people with childhood trauma related issues and family violence. I have experience in working with women related issues: motherhood, women sexual health, women affected by hormonal changes like menstrual cycles and perimenopause/menopause and I have a passion in facilitating women to find their own strengths and power during their path to recovery.I work with culturally diverse people, I work with different sexual orientation and different family models.Here’s a list of the issues I work with: anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relocation, impact of abuse and trauma, grief and bereavement, relational issues 

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