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Jacobus Burger

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Growing up in a small farming community in South Africa, I was sent to boarding school at a young age and experienced sporadic bullying. At 18, I joined the military and later went through the grief of divorce, the loss of a parent, and the challenges of immigrating and leaving a child behind in my motherland. I have experienced how hard it could be for a veteran to integrate into normal society after 30 years. Our journey to have our three girls was also not without its problems, and I have experienced the intense grief of going through more than one miss carriage. However, these experiences have given me a unique perspective and the ability to empathise with my clients. With a Master of Aviation Management (Human Factors and Safety), I have been involved in various aviation accident and incident investigations focusing on the human factor. I am vastly experienced in the human performance model. My Master of Clinical Counselling taught me that my life experiences have prepared me for my most important role—counselling. My focus is on family counselling and intergenerational trauma and how it affects our lives. I specialise in helping individuals with trauma-related mental health issues and have worked with school-going children from early learning to high school as a school counsellor. I have also worked in the not-for-profit sector and gained valuable experience in anger management, drug and alcohol-related issues, and family violence. I also use my experience in the human performance model to assist individuals with performance-related counselling in high-performance environments. I use various modalities and am trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Interplay Therapy, and various other Creative Therapies. However, I believe that every situation is different, and I combine multiple modalities to ensure the best outcomes for my clients.Our practice, KOOL CARE Therapy, is founded on the CARE in our name. It stands for Compassion, Attachment, Reconnection, and Empathy. These form our foundation and the values we live by every day. We truly believe that families form the underpinning of communities. Therefore, helping families is our passion.


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