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James Mansfield

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A deeply compassionate, gentle soul who offers heart-centred counselling/psychotherapy with the intention of helping people re-connect with their authentic selves.James comes to the industry with a diverse background, having explored both the modern education pathways and at the same time, exploring his deep interest in the more mystical, esoteric, holistic, eastern and transpersonal pathways to healing. Healing is related to the word whole, to be healed is to be whole. James recognises that every individual has the potential to access this wholeness and that transformation is possible in the presence of a safe and nurturing therapeutic relationship. This relationship requires a deep trust, openness and a willingness to be vulnerable/honest with the self. James approach to counselling and psychotherapy is centred around the power of the relationship to heal. It is often through relationship, that we can be hurt, injured or traumatised and so it is often through relationship that we can heal. James’ intention is to offer a safe space where one can share one’s inner world, fears, hopes, dreams and most deepest truths. Within the safety of the relationship and with an open heart, it is possible to invoke memories/feelings/emotions of wholeness and re-connect with our true/authentic/natural self.James has worked in a variety of roles within the mental health sector beginning his career as crisis support counsellor at Lifeline. As part of James internship during his masters degree, he worked at the Salvation Army facilitating men’s groups and counselling at a homeless shelter. During his internship, he also worked for PCYC, with young people and their families. This then led James to South Pacific Private, a private treatment centre for mental health and addictions on Sydney’s northern beaches – working as a counsellor and group therapist.  James now works as a mental health professional part time for Beyond Blue – alongside his private practice in the northern rivers of NSW, based in the hinterland of Byron bay – Possum creek.James’ gentle/person-centred approach to counselling makes him highly approachable, deeply compassionate and committed to empowering others to make positive changes in their lives. This gentle approach is also accompanied by a compassionate directness, which is honest and clear.As a father of two, James appreciates some of the challenges of juggling family life and can appreciate the power of relationships to bring forth aspects of ourselves which have the potential to be healed/developed. James has personally witnessed his own growth since becoming a father and appreciates the delicate balance between individuation and togetherness <3For all appointments/enquiries – please email/call meE: jamesmansfield.counselling@gmail.comM: 0425 374 524


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