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CONTACT ME FOR ANY CONCERNS & ANXIOUSNESS!As a “Community Key Passionate Personality”,  I have contributed more than fifteen years in the communities, voluntarily in many areas and also self-motivated to be a part of the community for the rest of my life.  Despite this; I have built my motives in the form of social entrepreneurship hoping to reach out to many of those who need support to gain their well-being and peaceful life.  I, as a Professional Counsellor, will stand and support my clients to tackle their issues and problems; assist them to create the pathway of their aims/goals and will provide continuous support to achieve their goals.  In relation to behavioural aspects, it is also diverse in nature as various factors govern to change people’s behaviours that may lead anyone towards a difficult or unusual thought process. For instance, regular anxiousness, worries, stress and anxieties impact everyone’s well-being resulting in low or no quality of life.  In addition, I will be supporting to illustrate clients’ hidden skills, knowledge and talents to utilise and promote them to gain a better life.  Therefore; “COUNSELLING” is a primary footstep, the best pathway to put your foot in the door to seek the solution. Janaki D Paudel, MACA registered L1 Counsellor. – Private Provider,  j E D U ‘ L Consulting – Paid service [Fee and confidentiality & consent requirements will be discussed before starting the first counselling session].-   Booking is required.Services delivery methods: I.             Face-to-face service on booking only.II.            Online service via ZOOM and as an appropriate method to the client. Contact details:a. Mobile:   0422837072. c. Email  or’s attendance can be: –    Individual/ Group/ Couple/ Family  Thank you and stay safe!



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