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Janelle Josey

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Hi, I am Janelle and I work in Launceston.  Most people call me Nellie but whatever you are most comfortable with is great with me.I work primarily with children and young people have some 27 plus years experience working across a diverse range of services from: mental health, disabilities, education and youth welfare and and supporting young people struggling with future, identity and a myriad of other needs, I have  also worked extensively across the NDIS and with carers.  I have worked in the areas of substance abuse, homelessness and child protection as well as significantly supporting those who have experienced trauma across the life span and some employee assistance counselling.I really enjoy working with clients who require support with emotional regulation, relationship and skill building and goal work and I love providing professional supervision.  I am passionate about counselling and promoting the importance of what counsellors do professionally.I really enjoy using play, narrative and solution focused therapy but also enjoy a focus in positive psychology and person centred practice.


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