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Jasmine Simpson

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Jasmine provides help to people that long for grounding and clarity in their life. She works from the perspective that all personal difficulties are logical responses to past experiences and current circumstances. Jasmine assists her clients in deepening their understanding of who they are and learning to interpret their experiences with kindness and generosity.  Jasmine's therapeutic approach is grounded in the understanding of trauma and attachment treatment. This perspective enables her to support her clients in creating meaningful and long-lasting changes in their lives. Her goal is to support her clients in developing a sense of agency and skill in order to make the changes they long for and conquer the fears that hold them back. Jasmine is a warm professional and whilst therapy is a serious endeavour, she believes in the power of humour in session. She believes that most of us at some point during our lifetime need to think through, feel and examine our lives in a non-judgemental, safe space, that is solely for our inner exploration. Jasmine uses art therapy techniques when words aren't enough and is essentially oriented to the health and healing parts of all her clients. 


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