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My name is Jason Dingli director of JD Counselling. I am a father of two young boys and have worked in the Hospitality Industry for over 25 years. For the past 5 years I have also worked with the Make A Wish Foundation which has been very rewarding. Unfortunately during this time I went through the traumatic event of losing my beautiful wife to Breast Cancer. Through the grieving process I found it very hard to find that someone who could understand what I was going through and who would listen to my story and not tell me how I should grieve. Grieving is very different for every person and sometimes it is nice to talk to that someone who has experienced grief and loss and come out the other side. As a man we are expected by society to cope and move on but men need to grieve too. So after going through this process and finding how hard it is for men to find specific help for them I decided to get my Diploma of Counselling and help others similar to me. I have finished my Diploma of Counselling so I can help others to be able to express their grief with some one who understands and can share with them the journey of the loss of a loved one. Grief is not something you can just get over its something that will always be with you but you will cope better as time goes by.


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