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G’day, everyone! I’m Jay Flood, and my lifelong passion revolves around learning and teaching others how to get the most out of the human experience. I’m fascinated by the journey of life and how we can extract its fullest potential. I have tertiary qualifications in Behavioural Science (Psychology) and registered with the Australian Counselling Association. I’m into surfing and being around the ocean, seeing and experiencing the world and having fun as much as possible in my life. Admittedly, life isn’t always a smooth ride. At times, it can feel like we’ve been dealt a tough hand by an indifferent dealer rather than being presented with the incredible opportunity it truly is. As we journey through life, unforeseen events and circumstances have a way of knocking us off course, leading our thoughts, emotions, and actions astray from our true desires. In such moments, we might find ourselves in need of guidance to realign our perspectives, gain encouragement, and acquire new tools to navigate life’s challenges. It’s during these times that we realise that there is real value in seeking support, learning, growing and getting the most out of life.


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