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Jean Bernard Sampson

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My Journey I received my first degree in Bachelor of Science with Merit from The National University of Singapore in 2002. Post-graduation I worked in clinical research for over six years, in both public and private medical settings. The extent of my work covered countries such as Malaysia, India, Thailand, South Africa, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. I have extensive experience working with diverse groups of people from multiple nationalities, cultures, ethnicities, and religions. Through my travels to Soweto (South Africa), Kolkata (India) and remote villages in Cambodia, I developed a greater passion working with minority groups, the less privileged and a genuine care for those in need. I received my Master in Guidance and Counselling from James Cook University, Australia, in 2011. During the course of my studies in counselling, I continued volunteering at the hospital. Providing support, mostly emotional as a befriender, to the sick and terminally ill. Also, I volunteered at a local secular counselling center as well as at a secondary school as an intern counsellor. Concurrently, I was engaged in an experienced-based programme where I learnt the skills to developing a sense of community through conversation circles. Encouraging mutual respect, developing trust and understanding were key components of the programme. Through this I took the step to surface my own assumptions, reflect upon my own values, beliefs and develop greater capacity to acknowledge, integrate diverse world views and withhold judgment. My Approach As a counsellor and as a person, I constantly question my own assumptions, raise my own awareness about myself and others, and maintain high regards for the uniqueness of each individual. As a counsellor I constantly strive to develop new skills and deepen existing ones, taking an integrative approach in therapy to helping clients make responsible and effective choices towards building and improving relationships which are important to them.



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