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Jennie Ballantyne

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Jen is passionate about people knowing they are seen, and heard, have value and a purpose. She believes we were created to do life in community and everybody, at some point, benefits from allowing another to accompany them in a therapeutic relationship. She understands that sometimes, feeling seen, feeling heard, and remembering your value, purpose and strengths can get lost in our ‘noisy’ world or situations and knows the power of having someone alongside to help you re-see, restore and re-vision.Jen's earlier training and work as a registered nurse evolved her keen sense of meaning-making and her capacity for critical thinking, whilst developing the compassionate, holistic care model she continues to bring to the counselling room.Having known what it is to endure, whilst being strongly pressed by the inevitable challenges of life, Jen's resilience, practical strategies, and the deep richness of her lived experience, imbued with her faith and unwavering hope, creates a safe, significant space for clients.Jen is committed to helping clients find wholeheartedness that leads to the freedom to be oneself, whilst equipping them with practical tools for enhanced daily living and although being action/goal-oriented, also respects the client's capacity in the moment.Using tailored, trauma-informed, client-centred approaches, Jen collaborates with clients in achieving their goals, no matter how big or small they may be, each is a celebration.


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