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Jennifer Cameron

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Hi, and welcome to my profile. My approach to counselling is to together create a transformative process for you, oriented towards your desired outcome. Are you wanting to learn to regulate your emotions so that you can change your baseline emotions to feel peaceful, calm and happy? To deepen your capacity for self care and self love? To learn the skills to hold your own path of healing in your own hands? Or learn to relate to others with a really loving capacity?The counselling and psychotherapy methods that I draw from and teach include a number of pathways, but most predominantly, HeartMath emotional regulation, and other neuro-science influenced modalities that help you to clear old beliefs and patterns, and move on to new ones. These processes work well with stress, anxiety, depression, grief, and self-esteem issues and other constricting, depleting or limiting emotional and physiological states.I'm also influenced in my work by Narrative Therapy and Psychodynamic psychotherapy. This helps explore the root causes and chronic patterns behind your challenging issues. However we don't spend long digging into originating causes – just long enough for you to understand underlying patterns (so that I can then support you to move on from them.)I've been counselling since 2004. My qualifications include Bach Counselling, 2016, and Dip Holistic Counselling, 2004. I also have Certificates in Meditation Therapy and Holistic Stress Management – and both of these influence the healing work that I will offer you.I'm particularly experienced, and love working with women, and my professional experience is primarily in helping with anxiety. I also have experience and work with depression, self-esteem issues, grief and loss, illness, and life transitions. I have a deep love and respect in supporting people as they approach their passing.My personal counselling style is very gentle, and holistic (meaning that I work with you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritual – taking into account your deepest values and spiritual (or non-spiritual) orientation. I offer counselling and psychotherapy in Ballina, NSW, through beach or river walk and talk session, and online, Australia wide.You are welcome to phone me to have a chat about your issues, or about how I work, and may work individually with you. I invite you to find out if I'm the counsellor for you!


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