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Jennifer Chester

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Since completing my training in Family Therapy and Counselling in 2003 I have been working and supporting families within school communites.I see indivual clients, couples  and  family groups.My journey into counselling started many years ago when nursing in rural communites. I found I was often caring for patients health needs that medical care would see  physical healing  yet help for mental health needs were not availalbe. This  lead me to study through Curitin Univesrtiy (Social Work faculty) to complete training to help address mental health needs specific to rural communities. From this training I could see that when one person in a family is hurting, often so too are many. This  lead me into training in family thearpy.  My learning journey continues still, and I have trained in a range of counselling techniques, this allows me to tailor sessions to meet the needs of individual  clients.  After years of working with people I have come to realize that everyone is the expert of their own lives and with the right counselling or coaching they can come to a place of wellbeing and resilience. I am now delighted to be working in private practice to help people on this jouney.  



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