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Glad to meet you!My name is Jess Bakkers and I’m looking forward to a rewarding counselling relationship together.My extensive life experience and qualifications, gathered over fifteen-plus years, have seen me gain a specific skillset and outlook that is uniquely situated to work with you – a person who has gone through the spring of youth and has reached the summer of mature adulthood.It is my dedication and desire to help and support you in this important chapter of your life, and take joy in learning and journeying at your side.My journey in supporting older adults began over fifteen years ago when I began working as a client intake officer for a District Nursing service. Here I quickly learned about some of the issues common to middle-aged and older adults – along with gaining a nurse’s wry sense of humour.From there, I became the regional residential respite coordinator for the Grampians region, working to help carers source and secure respite as they cared for the older adults in their lives. This gave me great insight into the issues and needs of not only frail aged older adults, but mature adults in caring roles, supporting their parents, partners, and siblings through chronic or acute illnesses.I floated around in disability support services, family violence, and mental health services until I was drawn back to supporting middle-aged and older adults when I became the retirement village manager for one of Victoria’s premier over 55's lifestyle living communities. Living onsite in a 24/7 supportive role for over six years more than taught me about the issues and needs of middle-aged and older adults – I lived those issues and needs alongside my residents.Here I learned that there is a lack of counselling support services dedicated to middle-aged and older adults and their needs and I realised I wanted to do something to help fill that gap.So, appropriately trained and qualified, I have dedicated myself to supporting the mental health and advocating for Australia’s mature adult population.



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