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Jill Montalto

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Jill offers her clients a compassionate, person-centred safe space to discuss concerns, hurts, and their deepest fears.   Jill uses a holistic and strength-based approach in her counselling, supporting them to explore their options, assist them to develop an awareness of their passions and build on their own resources and skills empowering them to heal and find new confidence.  Jill as a healer of other modalities with a strong sense of intuition and integrity, drawing on over 17 years’ experience working in the Community and Government Sectors enabling her to use her in-depth knowledge, dedication, practical experience in the community, training as a Counsellor, Life Coach in Neuro Linguistics Programming, Matrix Therapies, Hypnotherapy and Reiki Healing.Jill has a passion for working with individuals from various cultural backgrounds, providing a space for vulnerable individuals with complex issues to separate them from their issues and discover a nenewed self with newfound abilities.  Jill has supported individuals in their recovery from serious mental health issues using a strength-based approach to assist them to develop self-esteem and confidence to meet their goals and aspirations.  She has developed trusting relationships with very difficult to engage individuals. Her experience extends from working with at risk homeless people, refugees from various backgrounds, people with addiction issues, trauma, working with intellectual disability and autism as well as individuals with a disability who have offended in the community and in the prison system.


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