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Joanne Breheny

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I am passionate about helping people break through the barriers in life to be all they were created to be.Prior to the launch of my private practice, I spent 15 years working in the public community wellbeing sector. I have had the opportunity to work in a range of areas including youth, parenting, family relationships, family separation, mental health, family violence and addictions. I have provided counselling and group programs for individuals, couples and families. I have also provided professional development and superviion to other professionals in these areas of work.Involvement with pastoral care teams in churches over 15 years has equipped me to also provide Christian counselling. This is an option for those wanting to explore how faith can be incorporated into their healing journey.My passion to support others is not only fueled by my profession, but also due to my personal journey . As humans we are all vulnerable to pain, heartache and the results of human brokenness, which is often magnified in our relationships. I also however experienced the hope that comes when you have others to walk along side, encourage, challenge & bring wisdom. This is what inspires me to do the same, we are not meant to walk alone.


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