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John Mansfield

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John uses an integrative approach with a focus on ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy), which incorporates Psychodynamic Therapy by looking at the cause impact and affects from the past and applying Mindfulness and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapies) into the process. These strategies allow and help clients live a value-based life despite their circumstances, giving hope along with the tools to rebuild life. John is a very compassionate and caring person with 42 years of vast life experience in the running of small business too high-end luxury business where he was a National Manager for a large organisation and also worked as a lead pastor in a major church.John is a registered counsellor with ACA, who enjoys walking alongside, working, and collaborating with people of all ages and backgrounds helping to build healthy and long-lasting strategies to enjoy life to the full.He recognises each person as the expert in their own life and experience. I prioritise authentic connection in the counselling relationship with each client feeling genuinely heard.He has a particular interest in working in ways to assist people to develop their own intuition and innate ability to know what the best way forward for themselves is, and then to begin to make positive changes in their lives.I have experience in working with clients through a spectrum of concerns, including matters relating to identity, relationships, men’s health, and well-being, impacts of abuse/trauma; loss and grief, self-harm or suicide-related concerns, and spiritual growth. Also work with Pastoral Supervision with a vast hands on experience in this area.


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