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Joshua Comyn

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Dr. Joshua Comyn is a psychotherapist, lecturer, researcher and writer. For Josh, psychotherapy is the practice of listening, speaking and being with people in a way that allows them to integrate (make whole) their experience of themselves, of others, and of the world. An integrative approach to psychotherapy is one that views any single-school approach as limited—people are always more complex than psychotherapeutic theory, and integration entails an openness to the complexity of being human.At a practical level, Josh uses mentalization-based practices that cultivate the ability to see oneself from the outside and others from the inside. Being able to feel and understand an experience from multiple perspectives is the first step towards the integration of that experience. This is the first step we all take towards healing.Originally from South Africa, Josh speaks French and Afrikaans and has travelled widely. Prior to beginning practice as a psychotherapist, Josh completed a PhD at The University of Melbourne, where he explored the nature of human subjectivity through literature, philosophy and history. He has also worked as a dishwasher, bricklayer and bookseller. His diverse life and cultural experience mean that he is open and attuned to the lives of others.

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