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Juanita Ellis

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Nita is a working professional that has always had a passion for helping people see their potential and their immense strength. Nita is continually in awe of the human condition and the daily connections and interactions that are innately human.Nita is passionate about relationships and sexuality which has allowed her to be well placed for couples counselling. Nita identifies in the LGBTQIA+ community and all her services are provided with an understanding of the vast and unique sexualities, genders and relationships that exist within the human experience. Nita married and divorced young, which has been a difficult and unsettling journey to undertake. All divorces (and break-ups alike) leave a range of emotions and can cause a sense of displacement. Learning to adjust and refocus yourself after a relationship has ended can be difficult and painful. Nita offers post-divorce coaching for women who are experiencing these feelings and are not sure how to find themselves on the other side.Nita is an adamant advocate for self-care and can provide mentoring support for those that know they need to incorporate more self care strategies into their daily routine.Nita also respects a holistic approach to counselling and has seen the benefits of incorporating spirituality into the therapeutic process for those that are walking a spiritual journey. If this is something that you want included in your therapeutic journey, please let Nita know at your meet and greet session. Nita is respectful and accepting of all religions and spiritual identities.

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