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Justine Bensley

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I am a multi-cultural citizen,who from a young age has travelled and experienced many customs and ways of life. I have lived in Italy, Somalia, Zambia USA and the UK where my roots lie, before becoming an Australian citizen. Apart from English, I speak fluent Italian, conversational French and Spanish.  My upbringing, my travel experience, and career positions have focused on communication, understanding people from diverse backgrounds and different ways of thinking which I believe are essential when counselling clients from all walks of life.  My passion is working with children and youth having counselled high school students presenting with suicide ideation, grief and loss, emotional and behavioural problems, low self-esteem and confidence, anxiety as well as gender identity issues. I am also keen to help adults who are struggling to find their place in life.My approach to counselling is predominantly post-modern which is a collaborative partnership using strength-based and solution-focussed therapies.  I also integrate mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques to help with anxiety or rumination.  I feel it important to adopt an integrative and occasionally a pluralistic approach to practice, to provide more scope for healing, based on the client's needs.I am also a Reiki practitioner, having practiced since 1995 and combine both energetic work and counselling as a more holistic approach to wellbeing, should clients wish to experience this modality in tandem. 


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