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Ka Wai Lee

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Yvonne has a cross-sectional background of psychology, counselling, business, and applied neuroscience. Drawing from her unique expertise, she tailors counselling and training services for individuals and groups, through a multidisciplinary approach to meet different clients’ needs.Working with clients across various age groups, from youth, adults, to seniors, Yvonne covers a wide range of areas including career development, workplace challenges, personal growth, mental health, and relationships. Prior to counselling, she managed marketing teams in a leading education company in Greater China, and led the Hong Kong office in another multinational education company. Being a parent herself, Yvonne empathizes with the joys and concerns faced by modern parents.To deliver effective and compelling counselling and training, Yvonne shares with clients on basic applied neuroscience principles, aiming to help them achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and naturally preventing mental health issues.Yvonne holds a master’s degree in counselling from Monash University, an MBA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology from The University of Hong Kong. Currently she is finishing a master’s degree in applied neuroscience,


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