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Karen Mace

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Being a Christian has not made you immune to pain, hurt, and difficult experiences. The truth is you are hurting right now. Deeply. The comfort and peace that you used to get and feel others still  get from prayer, church, and your quiet time just isn't there… but you want that back.  When you've tried to talk to people about what you are struggling with – they hear you, give you scripture and put a pretty prayer band-aid on it… but frankly that isn't enough. You need real, deep, soul healing. You feel anxious, sad, depressed, guilty and even angry at times which doesn’t match up to what you feel your life 'should be' like. You are getting tired of living an unfulfilled life but are reluctant to share what is really happening with people around you in the church. You feel embarrassed and that your life doesn’t live up to what their life is like. You wonder is there something wrong with me? My name is Karen Mace and I have been there.  I am a Registered Counsellor (and a Provisional Psychologist) and I expect you to come into counselling with open wounds, past pain and hurts which you have tried multiple times and methods to heal but never found the answers you were looking for or had a band-aid of prayer applied to them only to leave you still hurting. My first job is to pull off those band-aids  and together with you to explore where the wound came from.  From there we go on a journey to close the wound (working a lot with your heart learning to be authentic), to provide you with more tools to cope and you gain the freedom to be authentically you and to express what you are genuinely feeling.  This journey leads to better relationships with yourself, God and other people.If you live in Australia and are interested in online counselling to discuss the way forward to a more fulfilling life please phone 0431273680 or email me at to book a free 15 minute video call. I offer Christian Counselling, Counselling for Christians, and Counselling for Christians that are Struggling with their Faith.




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