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I am an arts psychotherapist and EMDR therapist. I am also a NDIS approved providerfor self managed and plan managed participants.I work with clients who have mental health issues ranging from depression to bi polar. I also work with those on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Man this is a big gig. Some of the symptoms can apply to both such as anxiety.Can I also say you are damn brave coming to this page because it is really hard to ask for and seek help. However, here you are and I am here for YOU.I provide a safe space. NOTHING happens if you do not feel safe. Age is no barrier in this cohort of clients. I will work with you. We will be on a journey together and I will be with your every step of the way, to companion you. So if you struggle with getting out of the house, getting out of bed, catastrophising about everything. I can help. My experience in community mental health brings extensive understanding of your every day feelings and I know it is hard, damn hard. I know you get sweaty palms, feel shame and guilt, panic, and feel you are the only one this happens to, so so isolated.BUT together we can work on identifying your triggers and replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones. YOU will be safe, strong and capable and BE GOOD ENOUGH and regain CONTROL.I also work with people on the spectrum, and that is a big RAINBOW with different shades, meaning you often feel like a square peg in a round hole or you just don’t fit in anywhere. I get it! It is hard and exhausting being YOU! But you are you and your are special and you have so much to offer, you just need HELP. I CAN HELP YOU. I can also help your family as usually they are suffering as well. I can provide psychosocial assistance as well as strategies.My therapeutic style is warm and fun and I create a space where you can feel understood, accepted and empowered. I am curious. I draw from a number of treatment modalities including art therapy, EMDR therapy and sandtray therapy. My toolbox is full and I want yours to be as well.I am your positive self talk, your mirror to see the TRUE YOU. Just remember you are not alone. I am here for you.



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