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Karryn Chivers

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Life doesn't always go as we plan. You can end up experiencing relationship struggles or abuse, find it difficult to get past grief and loss, find yourself relying on substances or other addictive behaviours to get by. You may experience depression or anxiety, or wake up one morning and realise that for whatever reason, things that used to work for you are just not working anymore. You may feel exhausted or empty or disappointed and not really know why. Whether you are battling a long term problem or experiencing a new and unexpected struggle, I would like to support and equip you through empathetic and confidential counselling.At Chivers Counselling & Relationship Services it is our passion to provide 'affordable counselling' for all. We work with both individuals and couples to help identify, understand and equip them to move through struggles, improve self-awareness and strengthen relationship skills. We also provide also provide coaching in relationship and listening skills.I pursued a career in this field largely as a result of experiencing 'life changing' counselling myself while in my 20’s. In many areas emotionally I found a 'New Beginning' and a greater sense of personal freedom and hope for the future. Counselling can assist you also, to gain clarity and move through difficulties to find your own 'New Beginnings'.


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