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Kasey Ryan-Lockwood

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 Hello there, I’m Kasey, the heart and soul behind Haven Therapy. With a Master’s in Counseling and a Bachelor’s in Psychological Science, I’ve dedicated my life to helping others navigate their paths to healing. My journey into therapy began with a simple yet profound belief: everyone deserves the chance to explore their inner world and find peace within it. While I welcome clients from all walks of life, there’s something uniquely rewarding about connecting with children, adolescents, and the elderly. Outside the therapy room, you’ll often find me basking in nature’s embrace or losing myself in the world of art and music—passions that fuel my practice. Having walked the path of neurodivergence and ADHD myself, I bring a depth of understanding and empathy to my work, striving to harness these experiences to support others in their own journeys. Guided by a philosophy of person-centered care, I seek to create a space where creativity thrives and healing unfolds naturally. Over the years, my work in community services has enriched my perspective, allowing me to stand in solidarity with individuals facing various challenges, from homelessness to trauma. I’m here to walk alongside you, to listen without judgment, and to support you in discovering the strength and resilience within you. Welcome to Haven Therapy, where your story is honored, and your journey to healing begins. 



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