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Katalin Janssens

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Katalin Janssens, a compassionate psychotherapist and counsellor at Exclusive
Wellbeing in Parramatta with a deep commitment to fostering mental well-being
and guiding individuals toward a more fulfilling life in alignment with their
we journey together through the intricacies of your unique experiences, I bring
forth a wealth of personal and professional insights to create a space that is both
therapeutic and profoundly human. I believe in the power of connection, growth,
and celebrating the individuality that makes us extraordinary.My
approach reflects my values – integrity, authenticity, compassion – and extends
into every aspect of our work together. I’ve earned a master’s degree and
dedicated my career to understanding and supporting individuals as they
navigate challenges such as anxiety, depression, burnout, grief, anger,
overwhelming emotions, and complex relationships.Creating
a non-judgmental, relaxed space is paramount to me. It’s within this
environment that we can explore your concerns, deepen your self-awareness, and
uncover evidence-based techniques that lead to profound and lasting change. But
most importantly, my focus is on your unique needs. I am committed to gently guiding
you toward the outcomes that matter most to you, ensuring that our therapeutic
journey is tailored to your individual circumstances and goals.As
a dedicated psychotherapist with a special interest in grief therapy, my
professional profile is distinguished by a profound personal understanding of
the complexities of grief. This understanding is not just academic; it’s deeply
personal. I bring to my practice not only a comprehensive knowledge of
therapeutic techniques but also a deep empathy born from my own experiences
with loss. By guiding individuals through the seemingly insurmountable pain of
devastating loss, I empower them to navigate their grief with resilience and
courage. Through my therapeutic approach, clients not only learn to effectively
handle their suffering but also find opportunities for growth, courageously
rebuilding their lives, one small step at a time. My success lies in fostering
a safe space for healing and transformation, ensuring that individuals emerge
from their grief journey stronger and more resilient than before.I
also have a special interest in supporting women’s mental health during
peri/menopause and addressing various women’s health challenges. My journey,
from being a Hungarian Olympic-level gymnast to navigating the complexities of
life as a widow and single parent, has equipped me with a broad understanding
of the human experience.My
commitment to your well-being extends beyond traditional therapy approaches.
I’ve integrated mindfulness, trauma-informed practices, and skill-focused
techniques into my work. These tools are not just buzzwords but integral to my
therapeutic approach. They provide you with a comprehensive set of tools not
only to understand but also to heal, manage, and grow, ensuring that our
therapy is holistic and addresses all aspects of your mental health.

postgraduate studies in Psychotherapy and Counselling and formal education in
various therapeutic modalities, I offer a comprehensive and integrative
approach to your recovery and healing. My Level 2 registration with the
Australian Counselling Association underscores my dedication to the highest
standards of professional practice.



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