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Katharine Culy

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Hello I am a counsellor in Eltham. Do you want to feel like you can stand taller and breathe deeper, knowing that you have a plan, support and resources to improve things? Is anxiety and low mood affecting you? Do you need help with significant life changes? Are you experiencing burnout or living with chronic illness? Does past hurt trigger you in new situations?I am here to provide a safe, supportive, and confidential space for you to explore what is troubling you and help you find your way when it is hazy and bumpy. I come with a wide range of counselling and coaching skills. My role is to listen deeply, help you develop insight, self awareness and the confidence to manage your challenges and be your best self.I could use this space to say how qualified I am and how you should choose me, but first, I want to acknowledge that I'm not sitting in a lofty tower. I've been in tricky spaces, and counselling has been essential to my healing.The first step is to chat by phone. You can ask me  any questions to help you decide if I am a fit for you before making an appointment. My website will also tell you more about me and how I work. Sometimes all it takes is a few sessions to help you feel back on track and feeling better.I welcome people of any culture, religion, ability, sexuality and gender. develop when people internalize conversations that restrain them to a narrow description of self. These stories are experienced as oppressive because they limit the perception of available choices.– Kathleen S.G. Skott- Myhre


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