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Katherine Hughes

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Katherine works in West Perth, Midland and online. Whether Short or Long Term Therapy, Katherine is committed to facilitating Clients on their journey to improved wellbeing and self-discovery. She provides a safe space for Clients to be truly heard alongside the opportunity to reflect on experiences and understand their meaning.Working with Adults, Adolescents and Children, Katherine takes a Person-Centred approach whilst incorporating theories such as Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfullness. This integrative approach means therapy is provided in line with the needs and wishes of each individual.A popular choice with younger clients due to her down to earth, relatable approach,  Katherine supports with a range of factors often experienced in adolescence, including; life transitions, school avoidance, identity exploration, parental separation, childhood bereavement and spiritual matters.Formerly an Outreach Worker and Family Support Service Manager, Katherine has experience in a variety of roles including as a Grief Counsellor, Specialist Suicide Bereavement Counsellor, High School Counsellor and College Counsellor.Katherine works tentatively alongside Clients- whether it be exploring feelings such as anger, anxiety or depression, navigating grief, looking at relationships or considering how earlier experiences impact life today.


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