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Kathryn Munson

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Kat Munson is the Co-owner and Principal Counsellor at Changing Tide Wellness & Support Services. Kat has always had an interest in Mental Health and when starting off life as a hairdresser, joked that it was “just like counselling but with busy hands”. Kat has completed a Bachelor of Counselling at ACAP and Diploma of Holistic Counselling and continues to train and maintain up to date skills and methods. Kat has a background in Disabilities, Mental Health and AOD and uses this combination of experiences to ensure that each session is personalised and catered to the client.Kat has a strong focus on strength-based language and enjoys supporting people to achieve the life that they want and is currently available to work with clients aged 8 and up.Kat understands that managing mental health can be an isolating experience and provides a non-judgemental space for anyone to work through and discuss their fears, concerns and struggles that have come from both day to day overwhelm and previous or current trauma. Kat has a keen interest in supporting people to manage all aspects of Anxiety and providing NDIS Counselling services.Kat currently offers in-office sessions at the Changing Tide Wellness Hub, after-hours and online sessions.


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