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Hello, I'm Kay Norton.  Seasoned With Hope Counselling offers counselling in Castle Hill or via zoom). For those with personal circumstances unable to embrace either of these options, please advise and an alternate arrangement may be possible.We all face challenges, hardships and griefs, we may be experiencing depression or anxiety, stress, irrational and uncontrollable thoughts day and night, the loss of a loved one, loss of career or a dream, breakdown in communication, or a breakdown in relationship….and we all experience and process these events differently, and uniquely, because we are all so unique.Sometimes things may take a while to process and work through, and that’s OK.  Its about ‘finding your way through’, the way that’s right for you.  Personally speaking, the changes, growth and healing that came in my own life came through my own journey and exploration of my past and current circumstances and happenings and gaining understanding and depth of these.     With this understanding comes change and a firm foundation to move forward on.  I know the importance of a safe place to talk and share with someone that can be trusted while navigating that process, and I offer this safe place to all who come.It is such a privilege and so inspiring to see personal growth and healing take place in people, seeing them moving forward with change, finding courage, strength, healing and direction, which in turn flows on to their relationships and their families.I am of Christian faith, and where requested by any client, am able to integrate faith and spirituality issues into the counselling sessions, while also respecting the autonomy, faith and values of clients from all faith different backgrounds.


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